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Company overview

SEBCO Property Pvt Ltd in Trichy, Tamilnadu is the leading Real Estate Promoters. TO MAKE DREAMS INTO ASSETS, SEBCO Property was constituted in the year 2000. We concentrate on selling plots to our customers who can benefit in the future by investing today with us. We have a meticulously planned community, with a focus on providing a resort-like lifestyle, unlike any other project ever developed in Trichy. The projects of SEBCO prove that SEBCO does not create just layout but establishes value-added, master-planned, integrated, and cost-effective properties that satisfy our buyers in every aspect. Our founder Mr. J.S. Leyronne Morais and a well-groomed team of experts march towards an explicit vision. The plots we sell are all located in an eco-friendly and safe environment for the secure stay of our buyers. All our projects are thoughtfully planned for the future benefit of our buyers.

Total Quality Management

SEBCO Property Pvt Ltd

As we are in the new era of competition Total Quality Management is the norm rather than the exception. In this battle of survival, TQM will sort out the winners from the losers. Following this principle, we are in the league of TQM followers. We want your experience with us as a totally rewarding one. We are always available for our customer’s complete satisfaction because only then are we satisfied. Ours is a company that is

  • Information Technology Based
  • Customer Driven
  • Vision Directed
  • Flexible
  • Time Based
  • Innovative
  • Networked
  • Adaptive

Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset and the biggest differentiators. They are passionate about results, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way. Our team of ordinarily extraordinary fellows who are inquisitive by nature always strives for excellence and drive out the best of the best to set new milestones. They are united in doing the best to bridging the gap between those who have access to knowledge opportunities and those that do not.

SEBCO Property Pvt Ltd

Marketing Team

Our Marketing team is bringing best-practice marketing principles to the process of talent acquisition, our marketing team works 24/7 to provide you with the best service ever and the most professional way of marketing the property. Our team members are fully trained to promote your property from A to Z with the help of other departments to fulfill your needs.

SEBCO Property Pvt Ltd

CRM Team

Developing customers into advocates and turning users into fans is second nature to you. We are a relationship builder who can foster brand affinity, generate referral leads, and create positive word of mouth. We enjoy bringing people together to create a community where individuals learn from each other and derive strength from the community.

SEBCO Property Pvt Ltd

Account Team

An account team is a team of users who work together on an account. Use account teams to easily track collaboration on accounts. The accounts team isn’t the same as opportunity teams, although they have the same team member roles. The team works with commitment and records all transactions in detail for future reference.

SEBCO Property Pvt Ltd

Legal Team

Our legal team is focused on finding commercial solutions to legal problems. They understand the properties and sectors in which they operate and apply years of experience at advising some of the largest companies in the world. We pick our lawyers from among the best and offer them a mentally stimulating environment within which to hone their skills.

SEBCO Property Pvt Ltd

Admin Team

Our administrative team is the backbone of the practice. They will always try to assist our customers in any way possible. We have a remarkable team of dedicated staff who share in the vision and commitment of the Neufeld Institute. All admin staff are knowledgeable about the content of the approach as well as workings of the organization.

SEBCO Property Pvt Ltd

Civil Team

SEBCO Civil is a One-Team approach. SEBCO Property operates as an extension of our clients’ business by understanding and representing their interests and objectives on designated projects. Working in a dynamic and ever-changing environment, the team collaborates on projects, to achieve the best outcome for our clients.